4. PKM Instructors

All PKM instructors had undergone training with Boaz Aviram and is certified as Krav Maga instructors.

Pictures of the instructors receiving their certification from Boaz Aviram as follows: Bob Oh, Calvin Ng, Brian Peh and Benjamin Cheng

All the instructors are also black belts in other martial arts. As instructors, we still attend martial arts seminars regularly to ensure that PKM is still THE SYSTEM to teach for Close Combat!

We respect all the other systems and appreciate all the important aspects taught within their system, which is why we do NOT mix other martial arts into Pure Krav Maga.

We do not agree with those KM which has NO training system whatsoever. Most current KM instructors continuously bastardize other martial arts systems without paying due respect and credit to them. They claim that Krav Maga is evolving, but in truth, they are stealing from other martial arts.

We respect those KM instructors that stick to the KM syllabus and the principles of KM.

We suggest that if you want to learn Judo go to a Judo school. You want to learn Muay Thai, go to a Muay Thai school. And if you want to learn Krav Maga, go to a Krav Maga school that only teaches Krav Maga.

Some of the seminars we attend yearly to keep an open mind.

Arnis Seminar with Master Andy

Shootfighting with Guy Chase

Kapap with Master Avi Nardia

PTK Seminar with Master Tim Waid