5. Journey

Never to limit my learning, I indulge in practicing jujitsu, brazilian jujitsu and krav maga, as well as exploring other forms of fighting such as muay thai, boxing, wrestling, catch wrestling...

I would choose the Boaz Aviram PKM syllabus for Krav Maga as it is a training system that is "old school" and probably the only "training system" out there in the civilian market. Most Krav Maga are taught like jujitsu where there are thousands of techniques, although it satiates the desire for learning, it does not does satiate the objective of knowing that you are good enough to prevail in any# encounter.

People have to understand that since no two humans are totally the same, self defense, sports, martial arts are also in different dimensions. They do overlap but that's all, they overlap.

Waiting at tables in a restaurant is different from waiting at tables in an aircraft, flying a jet is different from flying a propeller plane. So, martial arts is NOT the same as self defense. Self defense is not the same as fight sports! None is better than the other.

I trust that my journey in the different "lanes" will provide insights to those who will take time to know the differences. I enjoy all aspects and respect each unique flavour!

#any encounter - this is applicable where you place your safety first before all else by adhering to the principles of Krav Maga.  (yes, that means not even engaging in a quarrel by walking away)

Pure Krav Maga Master Instructor
Wrestling NCAP Coach Level 1 (Technical)
Koryu Bujutsu Jujutsu (Unarmed combat) (IKB) - Shodan
Jujitsu (JJAS) - Brown belt
AKM - KM Instructor 

Greco-roman wrestling - National Bronze medalist (2014)
Greco-roman wrestling - Inter-club 1st place (2014)
Freestyle wrestling - National semi finalist (2012)
BJJ - Bronze (2014 Singapore Grappling)
JJAS inter-club 3rd highest score (2011)

10KM - Standard Chartered, SAFRA
Half Marathon - SAFRA
14km Urbanathlon Menshealth

Professional qualifications
Chartered Accountant (ISCA)
Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA)
Accredited Tax Advisor (SIATP)

Training lineage
Pure Krav Maga - Boaz Aviram (IDF Krav Maga Military, Wingate Certified Instructor, Karate & TKD BB)
Wrestling - Wrestling Federation Singapore (Sergei Beloglazov - 2x Olympics Gold Medalist, 6x World Champion)
Jujitsu - Jujitsu Association Singapore (JJIF syllabus) - Dr Henry Kothagoda (5th Dan) (Jujitsu, Judo & Karate)
Bujutsu Jujutsu Unarmed Combat - AKM Lim Beng Kit (KM, TKD, Hapkido, Arnis)

Other interests (via Seminars, DVDs, Books)
Gracie Combatives
Catch Wrestling (Erik Paulson, Josh Barnett)
Fairbairn Gutter Fighting system (2 sources)
   -  Close Combat Training (Chris Pizzo)
   -  SDTS - Self Defense Training System (Damian Ross)
Filipino Martial Arts (Tim Wade PTK system)


  After martial arts 

 Listening to the boss (2 x Olympics Gold Medalist)

  Wrestling NCAP Course Lvl 1 conducted by Sergei Beloglazov (2x Olympics Gold Medalist and 5x World  Champion)

  Action speaks louder than words (Wrestling competition)

  Jujitsu competition

  Commando Krav Maga seminar with Master Lim at Singapore American School
 Self defense seminar with Master Lim at NUS